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Hello, My name is McKayla Stanley and this is my mom Pam Stanley.
     Au Naturel was started as a way for us to build a business together as a family while serving our community. Au Naturel is a small and growing cleaning company serving the greater Kansas City and surrounding areas.
  Natural cleaning products are all we use to clean every surface. What do we mean when we say "natural"? We mean all of our products are family, pet and Eco-friendly. Au Naturel's products are hand made and selected to insure all ingredients contain no harsh chemicals.
We are breaking the myth about chemical cleaning one house at a time. Some people think that a chemical smell is a clean smell but it's not! The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has found that one-third of all substances used in the fragrance industry are toxic!
     Professional detailed cleaning is what we specialize in. Most cleaning companies do not go into a very deep clean and  are what we call eye level cleaners. It looks good on the surfaces you see the most but a lot of dust, grime, and allergens are left behind. Did you know your home can collect 40 pounds of dust annually? At Au Naturel we use a detailed cleaning system in all areas of your home. Here is a list of just some things to expect when we clean your home:
  • Every corner, ceiling, ceiling fan/light fixture, and moulding are cob-webbed using a microfiber duster. 
  • Every doorway and door are hand wiped.
  • Windows, window seals, and blinds are hand wiped.
  • Books, Pictures, and other miscellaneous items lifted from shelves and hand wiped .
  • All furniture is hand wiped/or vacuumed
  • Floors are vacuumed using HEPA filtered vacuums/hand hand wiped (Tile floors scrubbed)
​  Our company is devoted to providing the service that our clients need and deserve. Our goal is to lift the burden of cleaning from you. Get a complete detailed list of what you will receive when you schedule a FREE quote with us today!
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